The Parent’s Guide to the PSAT (and PSAT Report Release)

The Parent’s Guide to the PSAT (and PSAT Report Release)

The best way to turn PSAT scores right into an POSED plan.

You might’ve heard of the very SAT, generally known as The Scholastic Aptitude Examine. The SEATED is a standardised test this high schoolers take along with send for you to colleges thus to their consideration.

What about the L LAY?

The Up front Scholastic Aptitude Test is also a standardized evaluation for college-bound high schoolers. Basically, it’s (1) the practice test out for the HID and (2) the determining test for those National Worthiness Scholarship.

In this post we’re going to explain what mothers and fathers need to know regarding the PSAT: the gender predictor, why that matters as well as how to turn PSAT scores towards an POSED plan.

PSAT Scores for your class involving 2020 tend to be out. You’re able to access your own scores by way of the College Deck here. Unclear what to do upcoming? This article serves as your plan from PSAT scores with an SAT strategy, so continue reading!

What is the PSAT?

The PSAT is a perform test for any SAT this high school youngsters take on the next Wednesday throughout October with junior 12 months. It’s also often the qualifying experiment for the Indigenous Merit Fund. If you take a very important factor away from the next few paragraphs, let it become this: colleges and universities look at POSED scores; some people don’t bring PSAT rates.

Keep in mind: which the PSAT ranks pretty lower on the should-I-freak-out-about-this scale. (more…)