Evgeniy Kiriushin – 1xBet – Taking to the World Glass battle in 52 languages

Evgeniy Kiriushin – 1xBet – Taking to the World Glass battle in 52 languages

Set up in 2007, 1xBet is a fast-growing company in the sports activities betting space, with a platform focused on providing the utmost number of events and the best level of localisation.

We caught up with the company’s Mind of Business Development Evgeniy Kiriushin to discuss lessons learned in 2017, utilising sponsorship and public media opportunities in 2018, and planning for this summer season’s FIFA World Cup in Russia.

SBC: What are the largest lessons discovered you have learned, and what exactly are your key goals for 2018?

EK: On the one hand, days gone by calendar year for our company ended up being very intense, but on the other hands it turned out to be rich in all sorts of achievements and, of course, lessons. As the most important thing, our technique for creating a bookmaker product with the utmost number of events, markets, and the best chances has been worth it.

We understand that we established a very higher level for the whole bookmaker companies’ market and, first, for ourselves. It is not easy to offer bets on so many occasions in sports and live sections at such odds. I can say more; for most present bookmakers this is merely beyond their power. However, we’ve learnt (and the last year only confirms it) that we need to offer customers only a very important thing.

In many ways, our product is actually unique and is developing with an unprecedented swiftness. I think that’s why users from around the globe choose our bookmaker company with increasing rate of recurrence.

The second important lesson for our company was that by creating a high-quality bookmaker product, you become interesting not and then ordinary users, but also to companions who are ready to build their business in this field. This year, we noticed a great interest inside our system, so we’ve seriously considered the introduction of an unbiased b2b direction.

SBC: The World Cup is set to provide a key battleground for bookmakers in 2018; considering that your platform has been translated in 49 dialects, do you consider localisation is a stick out feature for 1xWager?

EK: The World Cup is a significant event for any bookmaker company. Particularly when it takes put in place a country where you are the number one at the marketplace. I think that we are ready because of this event and appearance forwards to serious development and attracting a wide array of users from all over the world.

Of course, now the fact that our platform is translated into 49 languages (at the start of 2018 you will see 52 of them already), we’ve 24/7 support in 27 dialects, it distinguishes us from rivals. I can say that no bookmaker company can boast such a number of localizations which level of service. Certainly, this is an outstanding feature of the system, which will help us to build up success further.

SBC: You have positioned great focus on offering more payment types and currencies than your competition; how important could it be to cater for different deposit and drawback preferences, especially in the big CIS locations?

EK: Steady and different payment methods are a necessary part of the service of any bookmaker company. As well as the more of these – the far more convenient it is for the user in virtually any market. Nowadays, we also exceed any rival at the number of integrated payment systems.

We are always ready to offer the maximum amount of methods to deposit an account and withdraw for customers in virtually any market. We consider this to participate our global strategy; if in a few place on the earth customers want to pay with stones or shells, we are the first to provide customers with this service. Incidentally, we may also be the first ever to open a bookmaker office on the Moon and Mars.

SBC: How will you effectively utilise your sponsorship of La Liga to market 1xWager products before next summer season’s showpiece event?

EK: Next calendar year, we have very serious plans to activate sponsorships with La Liga, Serie A. We discuss new sponsorship agreements with the English Premier League and lots of championships in Africa and Latin America. We guarantee you many surprises. For the time of the 2018 World Glass, we will surely form our marketing activities taking this event into account.

SBC: Social media marketing has been earmarked as an essential component of World Cup promotion; is there a plan set up for 1xBet in this area?

EK: Obviously, yes. As you can see, 1xWager is very 1xbet bonus şartları active in the online marketing area. We spend a huge amount of money and effort on advertising using all popular networks and sites. Unfortunately, the options of SMM-promotion for bookmakers are very limited in comparison to other styles of business. However, our company will use any opportunities in this area.